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Very similar to informative speeches, demonstrative speeches also involve the conveyance of facts and information to a desired audience. The main difference with an informative speech lies in the specific topic: demonstrative speeches deal with subje...

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The first step in overcoming fear of public speaking is understanding why you are anxious. Public speaking is a perennial fa... Read More


There are certain rules of etiquette that apply to conference calls and video conferencing. While some of them are common sen... Read More


Networking is one of the most valuable skills you can have; to either advance you career or promote your business or yourse... 6237075787

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When trying to think of informative speech topics, the success of your search lies in knowing your audience and knowing yours... (585) 219-8456


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It is really important to not only feel good about your speeches but also look good. Exercise and diet are both really important in helping you feel ready to give a speech. If you are looking to lose weight the hcg diet combined with appropriate exercise is a good way to accomplish that goal. We here at Speechclub have found it has helped our overall skills.



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