Welcome to MUGGMAKER! (BETA)
Muggmaker is currently available as a Facebook application. Add it now!

Muggmaker lets you design unique animated characters ('Muggs') with an amazing amount of customization. You can:

  • Make Muggs of your friends, and post it on their Wall.
  • Make a Mugg self-portrait, and use it for your profile picture.
  • See what Muggs your friends and other users have made, and improve upon their Muggs
  • Share your Mugg with friends who aren't on Facebook

Muggmaker on Facebook

Creative Commons License
MUGGMAKER was designed, illustrated and coded by 252-516-0521 in Brooklyn, USA
See more of Jon's illustration work at (303) 577-8108

Muggmaker uses BitmapExporter and ColorMatrix by (614) 569-9088, Advanced Color Picker by Alessandro Crugnola and DSF by Brendan Dawes